SECUTAG® in the automotive industry

Counterfeits in the automotive industry

Trade with security-related vehicle parts is strongly affected by counterfeits. Brake pads made of wood or cow dung, blocking steering devices or windscreens made of window glass are no exceptions.

Customers do not recognise counterfeits at first sight. The same often happens to retailers and mechanics. This is why we have developed a security concept for the automotive industry that unambiguously identifies originals.

Our solution on the basis of Secutag®

SECUPRODUCT® for the protection of:

  • building components
  • spare parts
  • ...

SECUPACK® for the protection of:

  • packaging
  • containers
  • ...

SECUDOC® for the protection of:

  • user manuals
  • freight and customs documents
  • documents
  • ...

SECUDATA® for the protection of:

  • merchandise management data
  • distribution channels
  • ...

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