Secutag im Maschinenbau

SECUTAG® in mechanical engineering

Counterfeits in mechanical engineering

The mechanical engineering industry is also targeted more and more by counterfeiters. Especially spare parts and wearing parts that account for high profit margins are affected. Even entire machines are copied.

If these counterfeits have qualitative or functional defects, the original manufacturer is liable for damages. The micro colour-code technology protects the manufacturer and unambiguously identifies originals.

Our solution on the basis of Secutag®

SECUPRODUCT® for the protection of:

  • building components
  • spare parts
  • machines
  • ...

SECUPACK® for the protection of:

  • packaging
  • containers
  • ...

SECUDOC® for the protection of:

  • user manuals
  • signatures
  • freight and customs documents
  • ...

SECUDATA® for the protection of:

  • merchandise management data
  • distribution channels
  • ...

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