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Facts and figures

Facts and figures on product piracy

All areas are hit by brand and product piracy. This also includes convenience goods like electronic products, clothing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Our micro colour-code technology contributes to the quick detection of counterfeits, putting a stop to the plagiarists' game.

The following examples provide a short overview of how and to what extent our lives and jobs are afflicted by counterfeiting.

Facts and figures in brief

  • A total of 2013 around 36 million counterfeit products worth approximately € 768 million are guaranteed by European customs authorities.
  • Customs authorities in the EU are more and more harmful plagiarism.
  • The number of seizures of counterfeit and potentially hazardous to health medications is increased by 418% over the previous year 2013 dramatic. The increasing of food was 90% and 86% of auto parts.
    (Source: APM Press Release, 31 July 2014 - European Customs confiscated much more harmful counterfeit)
  • With 19, resp. 10 percent, cigarettes and medicines belong to the most frequently seized goods in the EU.
  • Most of the seized products come from China in 2013.
  • By product groups fragrances and cosmetics Turkey is the first on the fake front.. Egypt holds the unenviable record of being the country of counterfeit food.
    (Source: APM counterfeiting, August 3, 2013 - Customs Statistics)
  • According to Customs Office, the number of investigations rose for counterfeit medicines in Germany of 407 procedures in 2008 to 1,854 procedures in 2013. At Frankfurt Airport this year 11,529 items have been seized with fake tablets and ampoules with predominantly cancer drugs and antibiotics.
    (Source: Time Online, 13 August 2014 - trafficking of illegal drugs is increasing)
  • The cooperation of law enforcement agencies from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom, supported by Europol and Eurojust, led on September 1, 2014 with a manhunt and an arrest of 12 suspects. There were seized several million of pills, mainly potency pills, with an estimated market value from 10 Million Euro and a large amount of cash.
    (Source: Europol, 1. September 2014 – International law enforcement action against fake medicines)
  • According to calculations of the Association of German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers estimated that annual losses due to counterfeiting and product piracy in the maschinery and plants around 7,9 Mrd. Euro. Interestingly in the study is the fact that Germany has become the second largest source of counterfeits and forgeries in the industry worldwide. While China remains at 72% the undisputed number one, but for many years Germany is (23%) in second place. Germany is in the ranking order ahead of Turkey (20%) and India (19%).
    (Source: VDMA - VDMA study piracy in 2014)

Exchange of experience on product piracy

Have you also experienced problems with product piracy and do you want to take a stand against it? Or do you want to protect your company and products before counterfeiters bereave you of your profits?

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