Secutag für den Fashion-Bereich

SECUTAG® in the fashion sector

Counterfeits in the fashion world

Inferior quality of counterfeit brand and fashion items is, at first, annoying for the consumer. But when dangerous chemical substances are processed, the use of these fashion items even is hazardous.

Apart from image loss, the original manufacturer also encounters considerable financial damage due to indemnity claims. Labelling on SECUTAG® basis unambiguously secures your brand and fashion items as originals.

Our solution on the basis of Secutag®

SECUFASHION® for the protection of:

  • textiles
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • ...

SECUPACK® for the protection of:

  • primary packaging
  • secondary packaging
  • ...

SECUDOC® for the protection of:

  • documents
  • package inserts
  • freight and customs documents
  • ...

SECUDATA® for the protection of:

  • merchandise management data
  • distribution channels
  • ...

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