SECUTAG® has multiple uses: document security, preventing unauthorised product liability claims, identifying dubious parallel imports and re-imports and controlling product piracy

Against counterfeiting and plagiarism - SECUTAG® - counterfeit protection for your originals

Against counterfeiting and plagiarism

Thanks to Secutag and the Secutag system, you can be safe and sure

For many years, 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH has been committed to the fight against brand and product piracy. Our micro colour-codes Secutag® have stood the test in different applications and industries. Together, we will also find the appropriate strategy for the counterfeit protection of your products and your individual situation.

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4,350,000,000 times security. Simply unique!

A minimum of 4 colour layers are combined in the Secutag® micro colour-code to form an individual customer code. For special applications, the single layers can be equipped with magnetic, UV or infrared characteristics.

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Secutag® system Against art forgeries, marking the originals Against counterfeiting by marking of original products Against counterfeit textiles and fashion fake Secure packaging - safety signs and safety labels Against forgery of documents, certificates, etc. Security and Logistics with SECUTAG® Micro color codes and traceability codes - tamper-proof and traceable

Security and counterfeit protection for industries

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Whether you're looking at a new car or spare parts - with Secutag® micro colour-codes you can be sure to acquire an original.


Every product that affects people's health or lives should be identifiable as original. This is especially true for pharmaceutical products.


Branded products in the fashion industry are especially prone to counterfeiting. Good to know that originals can be unambiguously identified.

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