genuine counterfeit protection for genuine artwork

With SECUART we have developed a solution for the fine arts market that protects all kind of artwork and antiques as well as expertise against forgery.

Like a genetic fingerprint, SECUART® secures artists' work during the creative process. Museums and galleries can also mark their collections themselves or have them subsequently secured with SECUART by a qualified service team.

SECUART for the protection of:

  • tableaus
  • graphic arts
  • sculptures
  • antiques
  • ...


unambiguous attribution of expertise

Each artist receives his individual micro colour-code. The technology does not leave any aesthetic marks on the artwork. The code is applied with the transfer medium clear lacquer and is identifiable with a simple microscope.

For archivists, experts and collectors, the unambiguous attribution of an expertise to a certain artwork is possible. Other official documents can also be identified and associated with a work of art. Artists and owners are equally protected against counterfeits.

SECUART for the protection of:

  • expertise
  • expert reports
  • ...

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