traceable and counterfeit-proof

Traceability codes like RFID or data matrix have established themselves in the area of product traceability. Yet they are not per se counterfeit-proof. SECUDATA® therefore combines the logistic advantages of the different traceability codes with the counterfeit protection of our micro colour-codes.

Both codes are conjointly applicable onto the product, its primary or secondary packaging, labels or closure seals. The traceability system as well as the product can thus be identified as originals.

Merchandise management data can be checked in databases worldwide. In a first step, the traceability code is verified. But only the verification of the colour-code unambiguously identifies the authenticity of the traceability code and the product.

Additionally, counterfeit-proof delivery and freight documents as well as other accompanying documents can be issued. Customised seals and hologram labels, control seals and closures are also manufactured and protected against counterfeiting with SECUDATA®.

SECUDATA® for the protection of:

  • barcodes
  • data matrix codes
  • RFID labels
  • ...

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