counterfeit-proof certificates

SECUDOC® secures delivery documents

With SECUDOC® counterfeit-proof certificates, reports, security papers, contracts and plans are issued. Signatures, business letters, credit cards and ID cards can also be protected against forgery.

The colour-code is admixed to the transfer medium clear lacquer and can be easily printed or applied manually to the surface of the documents. SECUDOC® contributes its share to the prevention of document forgery and abuse.

for the protection of:

  • signatures
  • security papers
  • ID cards, certificates and reports
  • ...

SECUDOC® for a legally binding documentation

Counterfeit-proof documents in merchandise management systems

SECUDOC® enables forgery-proof documentation of entire distribution channels: transport documents like delivery notes and freight documents as well as papers for customs and other authorities are unambiguously identifiable as originals and can be attributed to a distinct delivery through the use of SECUDOC®.

for the protection of:

  • customs and dispatch documents
  • delivery notes
  • business letters
  • ...

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