SECUFASHION® for textile counterfeit protection

Product protection

Low quality and dangerous chemical substances in brand clothing imply loss of image and financial disadvantages for the original manufacturer. For the consumer these textiles can become an annoyance or even a health hazard.

To prevent these risks we have developed an industry solution for the protection of fashion and textiles: SECUFASHION® identifies sports and lifestyle clothing, accessories and sports shoes as originals.

SECUFASHION® for the protection of:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • textiles
  • leather goods
  • flacons
  • ...

counterfeit-proof materials

Protection of all kinds of labelling materials

SECUFASHION® can be applied in all clothing items and on nearly all materials, for example synthetic shoe soles and heat transfer beachwear. All kinds of labelling materials are also secured with the industry solution.

This includes all textile and sew-in labels as well as hangtags, leather tags, care labels and other textile fabrics. SECUFASHION® is suited for application in all textile areas and is easily integrated into existing production processes.

SECUFAHION® for the protection of:

  • hologram labels
  • leather labels
  • barcode labels
  • textile labels
  • hangtags
  • ...

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