SECUPACK® for counterfeit-proof packaging

Protection of primary and secondary packaging

Counterfeit-proof labelling is especially important in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only lifestyle medicines and cosmetic products are targeted, life-saving pharmaceuticals are also counterfeited. This development can also be observed in the market for spare parts.

This is why we have developed SECUPACK®. Primary and secondary packaging from all industries are labelled as originals, for example folded boxes, tubes, cans, phials, blisters and closures made of different materials.

for the protection of:

  • folded boxes
  • packaging
  • synthetic bags
  • textile pouches
  • synthetic foils
  • ...

SECUPACK®: secure distribution channels

Identifiable as original due to package opening protection

With SECUPACK® a product's distribution channel can be uninterruptedly retraced from the manufacturer to the wholesaler and the retailer. Counterfeits are quickly withdrawn from circulation and do not make their way into the trade circuit.

Especially with pharmaceuticals, it is crucial that primary packaging contains the correct medicine and is unambiguously identifiable as original.

SECUPACK® for the protection of:

  • folded boxes
  • blisters
  • packaging
  • closure seals
  • ...

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