Secutag für Branchen

SECUTAG® for industries

SECUTAG® for industries

Counterfeit protection has become principal objective of all branches. In the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering, in the arts and textile market and, last but not least, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, security strategies are requested which are at the same time easy to apply and easy to identify.

Our versatile micro colour-codes offer the suitable solution for each industry. On the basis of the SECUTAG® codes, products, packaging, seals, documents and many more are labelled against counterfeiting. In case your industry or application has not explicitly been named, we will nevertheless find your ideal strategy!

Security and counterfeit protection for industries

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Whether you're looking at a new car or spare parts - with Secutag® micro colour-codes you can be sure to acquire an original.


Every product that affects people's health or lives should be identifiable as original. This is especially true for pharmaceutical products.


Branded products in the fashion industry are especially prone to counterfeiting. Good to know that originals can be unambiguously identified.

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Good reasons for the application of the Secutag® technology

1 Legally binding protection against brand and product piracy 2 Protection against unjustified liability claims
3 Economic protection process: 4.20 € for 1,000 units 4 Easy integration into any production process
5 Easy readout of the security code 6 Protection of the corresponding documents against forgery
7 Identification of originals with a simple microscope 8 Uninterrupted traceability of transport routes
9 Application of Secutag® on nearly all materials 10 Many years of cross-sectoral experience
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