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SECUTAG® information

In this section we would like to offer you some information on brand and product piracy. We have collected some facts and figures from different industries as well as legal proceedings against counterfeits.

We would also like to present the "best" counterfeits and point out a few websites of interesting associations, institutions and organisations that we support.

Facts and figures

Brand and product piracy threatens all industry and trade sectors. The current facts and figures of customs authorities, federations and organisations make it even clearer.

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In the fight against product piracy it is especially important for companies to know the legal framework, in order to target counterfeiters and to react against unjustified claims.

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The best counterfeits

The German "Aktion Plagiarius" offers a prize to the most brazen counterfeiters each year. We would like to present the "best" counterfeits, with the friendly assistance of the "Aktion Plagiarius".

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Additional links

Many institutions, associations and organisations have been founded in order to intensify the fight against counterfeits. We would like to present a few of those we support.

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