SECUTAG® references

Disclosure or secrecy

Our customers can chose whether they want to openly communicate their protection strategy or whether they only wish to make it known to a small number of staff. If the latter applies, we are, of course, equally committed to secrecy.

We are delighted to present you some of our customers who openly report on their experience with Secutag®. Here are a few statements from our customers.

"I protect my original graphics with SECUTAG® –
and that protects me and my customers very well."

Rolf Knie, painter and sculptor

The Swiss artist was looking for an unobtrusive and at the same time secure labelling method – and found it with the micro colour-codes.

The painter and sculptor Rolf Knie belongs to a well-known Swiss circus family. The circus ring is also the leading theme of his art. Several years ago, Rolf Knie was confronted with art forgery: Lithographs and serigraphs were being sold at prices that did not reflect their market value.

Rolf Knie found out that a counterfeiter had copied his artwork. With the micro colour-codes SECUTAG® the artist has found a protection method that successfully labels his originals – for his own protection and for the protection of his many customers.

"Our customers can be sure to own an original Ticki Tack which fulfils the necessary quality and security standards."

Hans Karl Zeisel, inventor of the Ticki Tack children's alarm clock

The restage of the cult alarm clock Ticki Tack is secured against counterfeits with a special security label including Secutag® colour-codes.

Children's alarm clocks are prone to counterfeiting. For this reason the restage of the cult alarm clock Ticki Tack is marked with a special security label: It is situated on the reverse of the alarm clock and unambiguously identifies the Ticki Tack as original.

The label, especially developed by 3S for the Ticki Tack children's alarm clock, bears the manufacturer's logo and is secured with the micro colour-code Secutag®. Apart from learning effect and joy, the friendly, pleasant and funny time indicator also offers its users the necessary security.

"An important criterion for the implementation of SECUTAG® was the acceptance by courts …"

Armin Karl, General Manager, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH

INGUN labels the packaging of their spring loaded test probes with security labels designed by 3S and equipped with SECUTAG®.

INGUN, renowned manufacturer of test probes and test fixtures, offers the worldwide largest range of testing equipment. Maintaining highest quality standards also includes the protection of these products against counterfeiting. Therefore the company secures the packaging of their test probes with SECUTAG®.

The plastic boxes are marked with security labels, especially designed by 3S. The labels are equipped with the company-owned micro colour-code. Additionally, the special form and material of the closure seals protect against reproduction and manipulation.

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