Secutag Technologie

SECUTAG® technology

What is Secutag®?

Secutag are microscopically small particles containing a colour-code with an individual colour sequence.

From more than 4 billion possible codes, each user receives his own unique colour-code which is exclusively produced for him.

Like a genetic fingerprint, the colour-code unambiguously identifies the authenticity of products and brands.

The product labelling with Secutag® is ingeniously easy for the user - and too complicated for forgers.

1,000 times magnification of Secutag® micro colour-codes

Technical details

Secutag® are the worldwide smallest micro colour-code particles. They consist of melamine alkyd polymers. Each particle can be manufactured beginning at the unique size of 8 micrometers. The micro colour-codes are resistant to heat and chemicals. This allows for the labelling of products in critical circumstances and of food or pharma packaging.

The particles are invisible to the naked eye. They are identifiable by use of a microscope. 4 to 11 different colour layers make up the individual user code. Upon customer request, Secutag® colour-codes are equipped with further characteristics like UV or magnetic properties. This gives you the optimum security code for your specific applications.

Processing and verification

In its purest form Secutag® has the consistency of a very fine powder. In this condition it is added to or included in various transfer media, different liquid or solid substances. The codes are applied by all established printing processes or via dispenser. The application is very versatile and is suited for a wide product range.

The Secutag® colour-codes are verified by a customary microscope or a table microscope. Authentication can be carried out ad hoc, on the spot and without prior knowledge. If the use of Secutag® is openly communicated, the end consumers can also verify their new products. Authentication can't be any easier!

The Secutag® security factors

  • manufactured in high-security building
  • easily combinable with other security features
  • random principle EDP-assisted image recognition provides nearly absolute counterfeit protection
  • counterfeit-proof for over 15 years


Secutag® is protected by patents international. Yet the production process is only partially described in the patent specifications. The actual process is protected and kept secret at the same time.

How much is Secutag®?

Due to its low consumption per unit, our SECUTAG® system is extremely economic. Applied by silk-screen printing, SECUTAG® can be employed for only a fraction of a cent per unit. Please request your individual quote!

Uncritical for food and pharma packaging

Declaration of no-objection

Our micro colour-codes SECUTAG® can be safely used on the packaging of food as well as medical and pharmaceutical products. This has been certified by the independent ISEGA – Forschungs- und Untersuchungsgesellschaft mbH Aschaffenburg.

SECUTAG® was tested for its consistency and for the absence of parts critical to health – and can be used without concern as product protection and labelling system for marking food, medical and pharmaceutical products on the outer side of their packaging.

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