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The printers

As printers, we offer you a complete portfolio of printing products, customised to your individual needs. Whether you require special materials or a unique design, we always deliver high printing quality.

Of course, all our printing products can also be combined with the Secutag® technology for counterfeit protection. In this section we present an extract of our versatile product portfolio.


  • in all forms and special designs
  • everyday help and advertisement that sticks in one's mind
  • for interior and exterior use
  • stickers for behind car windscreens, window displays etc., readable on one or both sides
  • cambered
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Textile labels

  • woven, printed or embroidered, to sew-in, iron on or self-adhesive
  • heat transfers in different designs, e.g. stretch for sports clothes
  • choice of basic material, e.g. polyester-satin, blended fabric, nylon
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  • printed on one or both sides, ready-made with hole and thread, if required
  • optimum sales assistance and information carriers
  • from normal hangtags to multi-page mini brochures
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Closure seals

  • authenticity and opening protection for products, packaging etc.
  • security labels made of document, VOID or special foil
  • as control seals, inventory labels, seals or type plates
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  • removable body pictures, also suitable for leather, cloth or glass
  • easy application, removable with soap and water
  • dermatologically tested, realistic appearance
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  • for vehicles, luminous advertising and window display
  • high contact quality and coverage, good recollection of advertising message
  • resistant to seawater, acids, bases, cold and heat
  • floor lettering and marking
  • cut-out
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  • application of special carrier foil and suitable adhesive
  • bonded, removable, adhesive or magnetic, drilled or self-adhesive
  • also available as plastic sign in 3D lettering, injection-moulded
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Transfer pictures

  • for branding of ceramics, porcelain, enamel or glass
  • dry-transfer decals for bicycle frames, toys and many more
  • also suitable for uneven, structured or concave surfaces
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  • with your advertising or for product labelling, for example for scale modelling
  • silk-screen printed water-slide decals for especially good ink coverage
  • suitable for smooth grounds
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Simons Druck - the printers for highest printing quality

Modern printing machines and qualified personnel with long experience in silk-screen and rotative silk-screen printing, flexo printing and UV offset printing optimally put your printing orders into practice.

We also emphasise high quality in processing: Your products can be processed with hot and cold stamping; further workflow includes cutting, laminating, slitting, embossing and coating. Our adhesive programme offers the right glue for every product.

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